The Oklahoma Invasive Plant Council is one of many partners of OKInvasives.

OKInvasives_logo_tempAn Educational and Citizen Science Partnership

Currently invasive species information for Oklahoma is scattered throughout a variety of websites hosted by universities, non-profit organizations, and state, federal, and tribal agencies, with none offering comprehensive information regarding invasive species and their threat to Oklahoma’s economy and ecological health.
OKInvasives will provide a partnership for organizations who share the common goal of educating Oklahomans about invasive species and addressing the threat of invasive plants, animals, and pathogens in our state.
OKInvasives will work with partners to provide the best available information on invasive species in the state and respond to feedback from partners regarding the website content and presentation.
OKInvasives will serve as a centralized clearinghouse of information for all invasive species of interest in the state of Oklahoma.
OKInvasives will provide an internet interface for citizen science observations of invasive species to be reported. Observations reported to OKInvasives will be shared with pertinent partners.
It is agreed that we support the internet presence OKInvasives (okinvasives.org), as a centralized educational and citizen science internet interface for invasive species information in Oklahoma.
It is agreed that we support OKInvasives by sharing information and providing assistance to making this a successful partnership.